O2 Gearshop - Refund on Your Return will take 2 weeks


In dealings with this company there are many complaints that make this a poor business to order from. Seek out alternatives since there are so many options.

- They never answer their 877 number. Ever.

- They never return your voicemails.

- They take several days to respond to you with very poor communication via email.

- They have no way to look up your account.

- No live chat.

- Refunds on your return will TAKE TWO BILLING CYCLES!

A far better alternative for online sports gear is backcountry.com. They are the equivalent of Zappos.com for sports equipment.

O2 Gearshop sold me a jacket they didn't have

Not resolved

O2 gearshop had a fantastic offer on an arc'teryx jacket. I was promised the jacket within 5-7 business days.

I was contacted by O2 and there was an issue with another item I purchased. So the shipment was delayed by 3 weeks. After3 weeks I got the delayed item but not the jacket ! unbelievable !

Then O2 blamed arc'teryx for the delay. o2 has on 3 different occasions promised me the jacket but now after 3 months I have had it. Was I somewhat compensated? no..

Nothing!!! so basically these guys have had my money for nearly 3 months without paying any interest. O2 always blame someone else, I.e. It's never their fault..

I got my money back but it took me a lot of time and headache.. These guys are amateurs, nothing more

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